Smoking cabins might be a thing in S'pore soon & it won't be as hot or stuffy as you might think

Interesting idea.

Nyi Nyi Thet| May 04, 02:10 PM

Smoking cabins might be a thing in S'pore soon.

You might have seen this picture floating around the Internet recently.

via Adam Atelophobia

The sight of smokers squeezing in to smoke within the regulated area with all that space around them was considered by many to be rather comical.

Though they had good reason to be wary of stepping out of the space.

The yellow square while effective in confining smokers to a certain area, does little to eradicate the real problem of secondhand smoke.

It might be argued that it is slightly absurd to force grown adults into stacking up like tuna just to take a quick smoke break as well.

This smoking cabin by the aptly named, Smoking Cabin SG, seeks to solve both these problems.

Smoke room

A photo on Reddit Singapore and All Singapore Stuff showed what a 50% completed cabin would look like.

Here it is.

Image by u/phunkynerd

Turns out this is about 50% completed.

Some of the concerns brought up on the posts included just how ridiculously hot it might be.

Luckily though, it appears as if the inside will be temperature regulated.

It will apparently be maintained at around 25 and 27°C.

Not bad.

Clean air for all

One of the company's main goals appear to be this.

Image from Smoking Cabin Sg

Some netizens did wonder whether the cabin itself will become a fog-filled nicotine house in a few hours, or whether the smoke will just be pumped back out outside, thereby defeating the purpose of the cabin in the first place.

Turns out, they will purify the smokey air in the cabin.

Here's a nifty little graphic explaining how they will get the air purified after it gets sucked out.

And here's a demonstration on the smoke might get sucked out.

According to the company, the cabin is designed in Denmark, and have been used in places like Japan, Macau, and South Korea.

The cabin seems to be gaining steam in terms of finalising their implementation as well.

Just a day after the 50 percent figure, another update placed the progress at about 70 percent.

We've reached out to Smoking Cabin SG to find out when the cabins might be ready.


Image from Smoking Cabin Sg