McDonald’s Japan summer drink cups now prized collectibles due to unintentional smut

McDonald's giving you the McD.

Belmont Lay | August 02, 2019, 01:16 AM

McDonald’s Japan launched a line of McFizz soft drinks and made some whimsical summertime transparent cups to go along for on-point marketing.

The drinks, Lemon Ginger, Blue Hawaii, and Blood Orange flavors, are all brightly colored to boot.

via McDonald's Japan

To highlight how pretty the drinks will look, designers decided upon a summertime romance theme for the three transparent cups with variations in design.

Cute designs

Various pictures of a guy and a girl, on opposite sides of the cup, become pretty portraits of young love in bloom as the characters engage in chaste kissing -- achieved by turning the cup when the drink runs out.

via @forute_a

"Oh no" time

But tilting the angle of the cup only causes the chaste love to turn to smut within a millisecond.







Damn, he's lovin' it.


Gets worse

The visual perception of drawings are important -- any newbie artist can tell you.

A simple manipulation of distance alters the size of what is being perceived -- like how your thumb positioned in front of your eye can cover an entire tree or building.

So, the pair of boy and girl ends up becoming some paedophilia smut as one of them looks visibly smaller and younger once the angle shifts some more.



Still on sale

McDonald's reportedly has not pulled the cup from sale.

So, if you happen to be in Japan this summer 2019, you know at least one souvenir to bring home with you from the Land of the Rising Sun.


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