Kangaroos hop in snow in Australia due to cold brought in from Antarctica

It's winter in Australia.

Belmont Lay| August 13, 05:00 PM

While Europe and Japan are getting scorched by the unforgivable summer heat, Australia is freezing over as winter is in full swing.

But the kangaroos are loving it -- in the snow.

Snow + kangaroos

A video of kangaroos hopping in the snow was captured on Saturday, Aug. 10, by a motorist, Stephen Grenfell.

He recorded the video from his car and posted it on Twitter on Sunday.

The kangaroos were hopping on a snow-blanketed sheep farm by the side of the road near Curraweela, New South Wales.

Can kangaroos cope with the cold?

“What if they’re all jumping frantically cuz their feet are freezing,” one Twitterer wrote.

Even though seeing kangaroos in the snow might be unusual, they can handle the cold.

This is so as they are well-adapted to the Australian climate and have proven themselves to be hardy creatures.

Snow in Australia

Although it does snow in Australia, it is not that common for snow to blanket an area that has been arid.

Grenfell wrote in his tweet: “Not something you see every day in Australia,” he wrote.

“Kangaroos in the snow.”

Grenfell also said snow only falls in that area a few times each year.

“This was the most snow we have ever seen in this area and it was much further north than normal,” he tweeted.

“Yes, we get snow,” he added.

The amount of snow is unusual as it remained on the ground for a prolonged period of time.

What is causing Australia's cold weather?

Cold air from Antarctica swept over parts of Australia over the weekend.

Snow was dropped on the typically arid states of New South Wales and Queensland, the east and southeast of Australia.

Overnight temperatures dropped up to nine degrees below average.

Temperatures remain freezing in Melbourne, as the intense wind chill factor has made it feel well below zero in some parts of the state.

The Blue Mountains, a rugged region west of Sydney in Australia’s New South Wales, is especially affected.

Chances of Queensland’s second snow storm of the year increased.

The strangeness of seeing marsupials hopping in snow is confirmed by others, as another video of a kangaroo hopping in the cold was also put up on Twitter: