US supermarket cuts & packages jackfruit like watermelon, Asians scratch heads furiously


Nyi Nyi Thet | August 03, 2019, 09:30 PM

This is a jackfruit.

Image from Wikipedia

You might be more familiar with this type of packaging for its cut version.

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Johnson Sia

Here's how watermelons are packaged.

Image from Zero Waste Guy

Whole Foods is America's "healthiest grocery store", and this is how at least one outlet in Wheaton, Illinois apparently packaged their jackfruit.

Here is Mei Tan's post on it.

In case you can't see it.

Image from Mei Tan

Tan herself was quite flummoxed.

"This is how Whole Foods cut up nangka (jackfruit).

I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. #fail"

The reactions were inevitable.

Although some did see some benefits of the slice.


Fruits and the west

Image from Mei Tan and Wikipedia


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