7-Eleven S'pore has S$2.80 dessert sandwiches


Fasiha Nazren | August 14, 2019, 02:30 PM

7-Eleven seems to have a lot of interesting new things this week, including the Coca-Cola frozen pouch.

And now, they also have dessert sandos.

Photo courtesy of Goomedo

Japanese dessert sandwich

For the uninitiated, sando is the Japanese abbreviation of the word "sandwich".

Essentially, these dessert sandos have cream and pieces of fruits sandwiched between sponge cakes.

Three new flavours

Currently, there are three flavours including the raspberry-flavoured sando:

Photo courtesy of Goomedo

A chocolate-flavoured sando.

Photo courtesy of Goomedo

And a peach-flavoured sando.

Photo courtesy of Goomedo

S$2.80 per sando

Made by local bakery Goomedo, these sandos have been available at several 7-Eleven stores since early August.

You can get a sando for S$2.80 each.

However, it is currently going at a promotional price of S$2.50.


Top image courtesy of Goomedo