Young Hongkongers leave roads spotless by cleaning up after 2 million protesters overnight

Cleaning up after themselves.

Belmont Lay | June 18, 2019, 12:15 PM

Two million Hong Kong protesters flooded the city on Sunday, June 16, 2019.

And then they cleaned up after themselves overnight to leave the roads they were previously on spotless.

This was the second time Hongkongers took cleaning up seriously.

They first cleaned up the streets after the first Wednesday, June 12 mass protests.

Overnight cleaning

Protesters worked through the night to clear away rubbish left by millions of people.

Author Kong Tsung-gan wrote on Twitter in the early hours of Monday morning: “Occupiers are doing one last sweep for rubbish."

"Two million people marched here yesterday, it was occupied all night, and there isn’t a scrap of rubbish on the road,” he said.

Witnesses saw a lot of young people clearing up the rubbish, UK paper The Independent reported.

Kindness of Hongkongers

The kindness of Hongkongers on the streets during mass demonstrations has been one of the highlights of this historic mass movement.

A high school student was quoted anonymously by The Independent saying: "Yesterday's protest was beautiful. The protesters were really polite.

"There were many older protesters as well – if they felt unwell, people around them would hold them up, offer water or bread, and tell others to be careful."

Children at the protest were kept cool and fanned down by other protesters who also offered cooling patches.