10 snacks & drinks from Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019 & if they're value-for-money

New types of food.

Mandy How | May 04, 2019, 02:04 AM

The Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019 will feature some 500 F&B and lifestyle stalls.

It is scheduled to last from May 3 to June 5.

About 60 percent of the food stalls are selling traditional Malay food, while the other 40 percent are selling contemporary options.

We tried out 10 interesting items and decide if they are worth the money.

1. Boba pancakes

You might think they are gimmicky.

And you are right.

Nonetheless, these tea-infused pancakes topped with chewy pearls and cream are one of the best things we ate on this list.

A serving of three pancakes costs S$9.90.

Verdict: Worth the money

Where to go: Alley, WGSA G360

2. White Rabbit soft serve

The S$6 dessert comes with cornflakes and three sheets of edible paper.

However, the soft serve tastes more like vanilla than White Rabbit. We liked the edible paper, though.

Verdict: Can imagine paying S$4 to S$5 for it -- and only if we're craving ice cream

Where to go: Take A Bite, WGSB 019

3. Satar ikan

For S$2, we got three adorable dumpling-shaped fish snacks that are similar to otah, except for its lighter hue.

The slightly spicy item has a texture less firm than otah, but is no less enjoyable.

Verdict: Worth the money

Where to go: WGSA G344 (Look out for big signs with "Tenggiri Fresh Otah")

4. London Lobster Roll

Chunks of lobster, a nicely toasted bun and a side of what tasted like cassava chips.

We enjoyed the bun and the lobster serving was generous, but the overall dish was slightly forgettable.

One obvious deterrent was its S$19 price tag for a large roll, although the stall appeared rather popular while we were there.

A regular-sized roll is S$12.

Verdict: Would pay S$9.90

Where to go: BURP Live Station Catering, WGSA G359

5. Ayam Percik

Ayam Percik is a delicious dish of grilled chicken basted with chilli and spices, and served with a coating of creamy, spiced coconut milk sauce.

Here, however, we got a chicken wing coated in some half-hearted variant of a sauce for S$2.

Verdict: Would pay S$1 to S$1.50

Where to go: WGSA G288

6. Argentina squid

Deep fried squid topped with spicy sauce and cut into bite-sized pieces for convenience (S$8)

Nicely done.

Verdict: Worth the money

Where to go: WGSA G308

7. Flaming boba milk with cream mousse (brown sugar series)

If you're expecting theatrics with your drink, there won't be much -- despite having "flaming" in its name.

Although the pearls were bouncy, we found the drink overly sweet and slightly expensive at S$5.90.

Verdict: Would pay S$3.90, at most S$4.50

Where to go: WGSA G356

8. Pepes ayam

Also similar to otah, pepes ayam features bites of slightly spicy chicken wrapped in banana leaves.

The flavourful chicken costs S$3 for five.

Verdict: Worth the money

Where to go: WGSA G344 (Look out for big signs with "Tenggiri Fresh Otah")

9. Bubblegummie

Basically gradient drinks in bear-shaped bottles.

We got the USA (blue curaco, soda, and watermelon) for S$6, and it was not too sweet, surprisingly.

Here are some other flavours:

Verdict: Worth the money if you collect fancy bottles, or else, the drink is worth S$4

Where to go: WGSA G343

10. Praffles

Praffles are a combination of prata and waffles.

The stall is run by Fooditude, but fronted by Hirzi for marketing purposes.

We got the rainbow praffles (S$8.90), which comes with fruity pebbles, some chocolate sauce/ crisps, and a scoop of tutti-frutti ice cream.

The praffles itself were enjoyable, but the ice cream flavour wasn't really our thing.

We also felt that the serving was a little too small for S$8.90.

They have savoury options as well:

Verdict: Would pay S$6.90, at most S$7.90 for the sweet version

Where to go: WGSA G342

Top image by Mandy How and Fasiha Nazren