TVB spending S$1.7 million to re-shoot & remove scenes with Jacqueline Wong as lead actress

They will have to reshoot at least 50 scenes.

Mandy How| May 02, 06:57 PM

Jacqueline Wong is not catching a break.

TVB has decided to re-shoot the scenes with Wong in them.

This is for the upcoming drama Forensic Heroes IVMing Pao Daily News reported.

This comes after Wong was caught canoodling in a taxi's backseat with Andy Hui, 51, husband of singer/ actress Sammi Cheng, 46.

At the time, 30-year-old Wong was dating fellow actor Kenneth Ma, 45.

Labour intensive process

The move will cost the TV station about HK$10 million, or S$1.73 million.

As Wong was one of the leads, re-shooting will involve at least 50 scenes.

However, according to 8 Days, the affected celebrities, including Raymond Wong, Selena Lee, and Shaun Tam are receptive to working on the project again.

Ming Pao reported that the production team is currently amending the script, in addition to being in talks with the celebrities.

Besides that, the team also has to reconstruct certain sets, look for other locations, apply to close off the relevant street or streets for filming, and pick out a new actress.

The re-shoot will commence in June.

Not in touch with Wong

Ming Pao also disclosed that the show's producer is currently not in touch with Wong.

However, regarding Wong, the producer said:

"She [Wong] was very obedient on set, was punctual and had her lines memorised, no one wanted this to happen either. I am currently not in touch with her, but I believe that she is going though a difficult time. Actually I feel like asking after her, but it's not a good time now."

Not sitting well with Chinese authorities

One of the reasons for the re-shoot appears to be the Chinese authorities, The Straits Times reported.

As the show is set to air in China and Hong Kong in November, the Chinese authorities are reportedly not too keen to approve a show that features an actress embroiled in a cheating scandal.

8 Days added that the show's producer had considered digitally altering Wong's face -- a suggestion allegedly made by Chinese investors -- but ultimately felt "uncomfortable" with the idea.

Top image via Jacqueline Wong's Instagram and Wikipedia