New wave of WhatsApp messages leaked even as police report made by Carrie Wong & Ian Fang

They will not be commenting further.

Mandy How | May 17, 2019 @ 02:58 pm


On May 14, 2019, explicit Instagram messages between local celebrities Carrie Wong and Ian Fang went public.

S’pore stars Carrie Wong & Ian Fang apologise after explicit texts exposed

May 16 began as a relatively quiet day, after two days of hoo-ha.

But the calm did not last long, as a new round of leaked messages — this time from WhatsApp — appear to show Wong purportedly speaking to a person named Gabriel about her relationship dilemma.

The video and screenshots of the WhatsApp messages were disseminated to the media on 12:36am, May 17.

On 1:36pm on the same day, The Celebrity Agency (TCA), Mediacorp’s artist management arm, has confirmed to Mothership that a police report has been made.

Alleged leaked messages: Talking about Ian, Boris, and “Becks”

The WhatsApp conversation took place in early February this year.

Most of it revolves around Wong’s confused feelings towards Boris (her alleged boyfriend) and Becks (who may or may not be Rebecca Lim, Fang’s rumoured girlfriend).

Wong reveals that Fang had stayed over at her place, but they did not do anything. She added that Becks’ things are at Fang’s place.

Wong also mentioned that her father had asked her about Fang, to which she replied it was “complicated”.

At this point, Wong emphasises that her father rarely questions her.

Wong’s father then told her to sort out her “complications” outside and not hurt Boris.

In another part of the conversation, Wong says that both Boris and Becks are “so nice so nice” and that they shouldn’t be hurt.

Wong then mentions stepping out of this.

At the end of the conversation, Wong says that “B” (possibly Boris) is coming over tomorrow.

In the chat, Gabriel mostly asks further questions or reaffirms Fang’s feelings for Wong.

Police report made

In response to Mothership‘s queries, head of TCA Ivy Low confirms that Wong and Fang have made police reports about the exposure of their private messages.

TCA and the artistes will not be commenting further on the case.

You can read the full statement here:

“Carrie Wong (黄思恬) Ian Fang (方伟杰) have sought legal advice and made police reports about the leak and exposure of their private messages. TCA continues to provide advice, counsel and support for all parties. As the matter is now with the police, TCA and the artistes will not be commenting further.”

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Top image via video, Carrie Wong and Ian Fang’s Instagram

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