Bungalow near Holland Village looks like a luxury tropical resort

Imagine playing hide and seek in this house.

Olivia Lin | May 12, 2019, 09:12 PM

At first glance, one might think this is a resort in a tropical paradise like Phuket or Hawaii.

Believe it or not, it's actually a house in Singapore.

Photo from Albert Lim KS

The massive green house seen above is a good class bungalow along Cornwall Gardens, in the Bukit Timah district.

It was built by Singaporean architectural firm, Chang Architects.

Family home

According to a 2015 Straits Times (ST) article, the land that the house is built on is a sloping terrain that spans 1,494m².

Home to a three-generation family, the house has seven bedrooms, a family room, a koi pond, an entertainment room, and a library.

The koi pond features a waterfall:

Photo from Albert Lim KS

Reminiscent of sloping paddy fields in Bali, one of the most captivating things about the house is its levelled garden.

Photo from Albert Lim KS

In the middle of the cascading greenery is a pool, which is surrounded by rocks to further enhance its tropical paradise vibes.

There's even a small spot to chill out in the pool -- a sunken pit with a longan tree.

Photo from Albert Lim KS

Chang Yong Ter, founder of Chang Architects, told ST that the two-storey house is the result of a S$6 million rebuilt project.

Chang spoke about the terraced roof:

"(It) makes full use of space instead of just having a sloped roof and the plants block most of the sun's heat and cools the rooms below".


The building's exterior is covered with charcoal logs, which provides insulation from the sun, and filters rainwater. The rainwater is then irrigated to the plants.

Photo from Albert Lim KS

Photo from Albert Lim KS

In tune with nature

But the nature aspects of the house aren't just for aesthetic purposes.

In a 2016 interview with The Peak, Chang revealed that moving water affects one's mood.

"When you have moving water, it produces a lot of negative ions. It’s been proven that negative ions have a positive impact on moods.

When there’s a thunderstorm, people rarely quarrel. The gush of water produces trillions of negative ions."

Chang added that the inclusion of nature helps bring warmth to a household, as opposed to a home with a minimalist design, which might create a colder atmosphere.

Photo from Albert Lim KS

Photo from Albert Lim KS

With such a beautiful house, it'd probably be hard to be in a bad mood anyway.

Top photo from Albert Lim KS


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