4 men test car's suspension vigorously while pumping petrol in JB, alleged to be S'poreans

If you wanna pump it, you gotta werk it.

Matthias Ang | April 12, 2019, 04:11 PM

For some people, the term "pumping petrol" can be quite physical.

If you want it, you gotta werk it

On April 8, a video of four people rocking their car while refueling at a petrol station was uploaded to the Facebook page All Singapore Stuff.

The video appeared to be filmed by an observer just outside the station.

Malaysia-based media World of Buzz speculated(WOB) that the four people were Singaporeans, with the location of the petrol station to be in Johor Bahru.

However, it is unclear when the incident took place.

Here is the video:

In case you can't see the video:

[video width="224" height="398" mp4="https://static.mothership.sg/1/2019/04/57278983_2305200156197072_1723054464413204480_n.mp4"][/video]

Here is the video's caption:

"This weekend, spend quality time with your family".

Breakdown of car rocking

Throughout the video, one man dressed in a white t-shirt and blue pants can be seen sitting in the open boot of the car, vigorously shaking it up and down.

He is aided in his endeavour by a second man dressed in an orange t-shirt, who appears to be also pressing the car up and down, although the second man eventually stops.

Meanwhile, on the left of car are two people who appear to be tending to the petrol pump, with one of them holding it steady as the car bobs up and down.

Here is a gif of their efforts:

Source: Gif of video from All Singapore Stuff

At one point, the video zooms out of the station to show the queue of vehicles that has supposedly formed outside, with some laughter heard in the background.

Gif of video from All Singapore Stuff

The video then re-focuses on the car and its occupants, showing the man in white still rocking the car up and down.

Gif of video from All Singapore Stuff

Why the speculation that the people involved are Singaporean?

Because Singaporeans have been captured on video rocking their car at a Malaysian petrol station before, such as here:


Although it should be noted that such behaviour is not just limited to Malaysian petrol stations.

Does shaking the car actually allow you to pump more petrol?

The short answer: no.

Rather, it is that the time that has passed, and not the rocking, which allows more petrol to be introduced to the tank.

Is shaking the car bad for it then?

Several commentators who responded to the video pointed that out such an action would likely spoil the suspension.

Screenshot from All Singapore Stuff

Screenshot from All Singapore Stuff

Screenshot from All Singapore Stuff

While shaking the car is not bad for it per se, overfilling the tank is detrimental as it may cause the petrol to enter the Evac system, the fuel evaporation system which helps remove vapour from a fuel tank.

And the cost of replacing the Evac system can quite steep.

In any case, another commentator stated that such an act should not be done on the grounds simply because it looked ridiculous.

Source: Screenshot from All Singapore Stuff

Here's a local case of twerking at a petrol station:

Here's why shaking your car to pump petrol doesn't actually work:

Top image collage from All Singapore Stuff