S’pore’s own ‘sakura season’ kicks in as flowers in full bloom island wide

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Zhangxin Zheng | April 3, 05:12 pm


Friends, colleagues, siblings, and probably, even yourself might have travelled 5,200km Japan just to catch a glimpse of its famous cherry blossoms or sakura.

But Singaporeans can also indulge in the budget Sakura season right at home with the current mass blooming of various pink flowers.

Singapore’s Sakura season

And it is not just the ubiquitous overhead bridge Bougainvillea flowers that are in bloom here.

Trumpet trees across Singapore are also flaunting the beauty of their pink and white flowers.

The trumpet trees are a South African species that bloom when the rain comes after a period of dry weather.

Recent occasional rain after a few weeks of dry spell in February and March has probably triggered this spectacular mass blooming.

Light and temperature

According to NParks, some plants are induced to produce flowers by light and temperature.

Take Bougainvillea flowers, for example. They bloom more aggressively under hotter and brighter days.

Unlike the sakura season in Japan, which only happens in March and April, we might have a chance to catch the second round of blooming in September.

Spotted all over Singapore

Without further ado, here are some pretty photos of these tropical sakura taken by those in Singapore.

Here are some trumpet trees:

They are called Trumpet trees because of the trumpet-like shaped flowers.

At Ulu Pandan Park Connector

Photo by Soh Ze Bin via NParks Facebook.
Photo by Soh Ze Bin via NParks Facebook.

Fun fact, the tree barks of this particular species Tabebuia rosea are found to be anti-cancer.

At Tuas

Photo by Tee Swee Ping via NParks Facebook.

At Punggol Park

Photo by Oh Cheow Sheng via NParks Facebook.

At North Buona Vista Road

Some trumpet trees are already showering pink and white flowers along the road.

Photo by Mervyn Tan via NParks Facebook.
Photo by Mervyn Tan via NParks Facebook.

At Tampines Road

Here’s another type of pink flowers that you might see, called the Crepe Flowers or the Lagerstroemia Indica.

Photo by Ling Kin Joo via NParks Facebook.
Photo by Ling Kin Joo via NParks Facebook.

At Chuan Drive

Photo by Karen Chew via NParks Facebook.

Not forgetting Singapore’s ubiquitous Bougainvillea flowers.

At Sungei Sembawang

Photo by Tee Swee Ping via NParks Facebook.

At Paragon, Orchard

Photo by Seet Hui Ying via NParks Facebook.

At Bedok

Photo by Jasmine Koh via NParks Facebook.

Top photos from NParks Facebook

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