S’porean PR woman caught smuggling duty-unpaid cigarettes in sanitary pads pack

Our borders are as secure as an extra-long night pad.

Guan Zhen Tan | April 18, 03:12 pm


As cigarette prices continue to soar, people are finding more creative ways to smuggle those cancer sticks into Singapore.

On April 16, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) caught a 41-year-old female Singapore Permanent Resident trying to smuggle cigarettes through the Singapore Cruise Centre into Singapore.

Cigarettes concealed in clothes and sanitary pads

The officers noticed anomalies in scanned images of her backpack and a piece of luggage.

Upon further checks, seven packets of duty-unpaid cigarettes were concealed among clothing in the luggage, and in a pack of sanitary pads.

Photo via ICA

Photo via ICA

Of course, this discovery prompted the ever-so-punny ICA Facebook page to crack a dad joke:

Smuggling is a serious matter

The ICA has seen its fair share of wacky cigarette smuggling methods, such as hiding it inside bread, empty drink packets and claw game machines.

While hilarious and occasionally baffling, methods of concealment are often a cause for concern.

This time it may be cigarettes, but next time it might be a shuriken.

This case has since been referred to Singapore Customs for investigation.

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Top photo via ICA.

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