2nd case of Peeping Tom filming student in NTU hostel shower reported in 4 days


Guan Zhen Tan | April 26, 2019, 11:20 PM

Another day, another Peeping Tom.

A 22-year-old male undergraduate from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) was caught filming a female student while she was showering.

This incident has come to light now, but occurred earlier on April 17.

This is the second Peeping Tom incident in NTU reported in four days.

Filmed at a hostel toilet

Closed circuit television cameras captured footage of the suspect, who filmed his victim in Tamarind Hall, Today reported.

Filmed from the top

The victim, who is an unnamed 20-year-old female student, was showering in a common toilet at the hostel.

She spotted the phone filming her from the top of the cubicle.

She got dressed, but was unsuccessful when she tried to go after the culprit.

After confiding in a friend the same night, they reported the incident to NTU campus security.

Campus security officers offered to drive the victim to the police and they constantly reassured her, Today reported.

The incident was then reported to the police on April 18, and the suspect is currently being investigated.

NTU responds

In response to media queries, a NTU spokesperson has since confirmed the incident and said that the affected female student is receiving the full assistance and support from NTU’s pastoral care team.

The spokesperson also added that the university's priority is to ensure her welfare and they are commencing their own investigations into the incident.

Second case

This was in fact the first of two cases that took place in NTU in four days.

The second case occurred over the weekend, on April 21, at Hall of Residence 3 -- the same weekend when Monica Baey's case came to light and made news across Singapore.

It involved a man allegedly taking photos of another man in the NTU hall shower on Easter Sunday.

The NTU spokesperson said that several students helped to detain a 19-year-old man in this case.

The suspect has been identified to not be an NTU student nor employee.

The spokesperson added that creating a safe campus environment is a top priority at NTU, and that CCTVs cover most of the common areas in the halls of residence.

Campus security also regularly patrols the halls and are stationed at every hall from 9pm to 9am.

Top image via NTU Tamarind Hall's Facebook page