Go-Jek driver in S$7 dispute previously called out by Xiaxue in 2012 for misogynistic comments

Back in the limelight.

Mandy How | April 1, 07:30 pm


Over the past few days, Singaporeans might have come across the name “Aaron Heng”.

Heng is a Go-Jek driver who was recently seen in a video being involved in a dispute with a pair of elderly passengers over S$7.

Go-Jek driver has meltdown after intense S$7 dispute with passenger

Heng claimed he filmed his encounter with the elderly passengers and shared it with fellow drivers for advice, but the video eventually found its way on social media.

He subsequently apologised for his behaviour, but the post has since been removed.

Go-Jek driver apologises for being rude towards elderly passengers over S$7 discrepancy

But if Heng’s name sounds familiar, it is because this was not the first time he has caught the public’s attention.

Details about Heng were dug up by online sleuths and are currently making its way around the Internet.

The faces of haters

In 2012, Heng appeared in a blog post by Xiaxue, titled “The Faces of Haters“.

Xiaxue, who was known as a blogger then, called out about half a dozen men for misogynistic comments that were made against her and two other personalities.

The comments were made over Xiaxue’s support for the incumbent People’s Action Party in Singapore.

Here’s a sample that Xiaxue uploaded, with her retorts in pink.

Photo via Xiaxue.blogpost.com

According to Xiaxue then, the photo shared by the anti-establishment site Temasek Review in 2012 was actually taken in 2011.

Furthermore, the blogger claimed that she did not express her political opinion on the party between the years of 2011 to 2012.

What’s interesting, however, is the fact that “Aaron Heng” was one of the commenters called out by Xiaxue then.

Here is the segment on Heng, along with the disparaging comments he made:

Screenshot via Xiaxue.blogpost.com
via Xiaxue.blogpost.com

This could be why a fair bit of information was returned on Google when Heng’s name was entered into the search engine.

And as recently as Feb, 11, Heng publicly revealed he had made a police report against Jovina Choi — the previous high-profile private hire car drama:


You can read Xiaxue’s full blogpost here.

Top image via Xiaxue and SG Road Vigilante


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