Ceiling leaks & flood at Jewel Changi Airport & T1 Arrival Hall

Mini waterfalls alongside the world's tallest indoor waterfall.

Joshua Lee| April 14, 02:43 PM

It appears that Jewel Changi Airport's Rain Vortex isn't the only thing making a splash.

It seems that visitors to Jewel Changi Airport are also treated to leaking ceilings and flooded floors, less than three days after the new complex opened for previews.

Two videos of leaks spotted online

In a video published on April 13, water can be seen pouring from the ceiling of a corridor in Jewel Changi Airport.


In it, passers-by appear to be quite bemused by a steady trickle of water from the ceiling.

The trickle then turns into a full blown gush of water as more people stop to gawk and snap photos.

In another video, up to four staff can be seen trying to sweep away water from a flooded area in the Changi Airport Terminal 1 Arrival Hall which is cordoned off.

[video width="352" height="640" mp4="https://static.mothership.sg/1/2019/04/57308096_523174601546345_4379426205432996229_n.mp4"][/video]

A spokesperson from Jewel Changi Airport Development confirmed that a sprinkler issue in Jewel occurred on April 13.

It resulted in water leakage in the Terminal 1 Arrival Hall.

Here is the full statement:

There was a sprinkler issue in Jewel yesterday afternoon (April 13) which caused water leakage in the Terminal 1 Arrival Hall. An unoccupied tenant unit in Jewel was also affected. The issue was quickly attended to and resolved with minimal impact to operations.

If waterfalls aren't your cup of tea, here are other attractions at Jewel Changi Airport:

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