Sambar deer runs & crashes into m’cyclist along empty Upper Thomson Road at night

Deer got up on all fours while motorcyclist stayed down.

Belmont Lay | March 13, 07:06 pm

Wildlife in Singapore is really getting wilder.

Dashcam footage shot by a car driving along Upper Thomson Road at night captured a peculiar scene straight out of a movie.

Sambar deer kamikaze

A sambar deer came out of nowhere from the forested area on the left side of the road and ran head-on straight into a motorcyclist:

Road deserted at that time

Even stranger still was how deserted that particular stretch of road was at that time at night.

Footage shot by car

The video of the incident was shared to Roads.sg Facebook page by Kennedy Tan:

It showed the car driving along Upper Thomson Road at night with not much traffic in sight.

The incident was shot from some distance and appeared blurry but clear enough to see the cause of it.

Animal recovered but not the motorcyclist

After the creature, believed to be a sambar deer, crashed into the motorcyclist, the animal got up and stood still on the road as the rider stayed down.

The condition of the deer and the rider are not known, as there are no other reports of the incident thus far.

Sambar deer getting hit

These days, incidences of sambar deer being spotted by motorists and getting killed by oncoming vehicles have become more frequent in Singapore.

It could be due to more vehicles being fitted with cameras or that the animals are venturing onto the roads due to push factors, such as having their habitats encroached upon by human activity and having to forage for food closer to the roads.

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