New Zealanders in S'pore visit mosques to express condolences over Christchurch terror attack

They didn't have to, but they did.

Matthias Ang| March 18, 03:12 PM

New Zealanders have come forward to stand in solidarity with the Muslim community following the country's worst terror attack on March 15, which has left 50 people dead and 40 injured.

New Zealanders in Singapore

However, outpouring of support and grief have not just been limited to New Zealand.

Here in Singapore, two New Zealanders approached local mosques to express their condolences to the Muslim community.

On March 16, both Al-Huda Mosque and Masjid Al-Falah posted separately on Facebook about having been visited by New Zealanders, who showed up to commiserate.

Apologising on behalf of New Zealand residents

Al-Huda Mosque chairman, Azman Kassim, said in the Facebook post that they had been visited by a Kiwi woman, Kim Forrester, from the neighbourhood.

On behalf of Kiwis, Forrester apologised for what happened and further prayed for the Muslim community.

Photo via FB/Al-Huda Mosque Singapore.

In expressing his gratitude for her gesture, Azman said she need not have apologised.

He also highlighted how Forrester's act was an example of embracing diversity in peace.

Forrester has been invited to the mosque's annual Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circles (IRCC) Iftar session for this year's Ramadan, Azman added.

According to the post, Forrester eventually left the mosque with an ease of heart.

This is Al-Huda Mosque's Facebook post:

Bringing a bouquet of flowers

Masjid Al-Falah's Facebook page also put up a post on how they were visited by an unnamed male Kiwi.

The New Zealander went to the mosque, which is located along Bideford Road, with a bouquet of flowers to offer his condolences.

According to the Facebook post, the man was "deeply affected" by the tragedy and wanted to express his support for the victims in whatever way he could.

Photo via FB/Masjid Al-Falah - Islamic Learning & Information Centre.

Photo via FB/Masjid Al-Falah - Islamic Learning & Information Centre.

The bouquet also came with a note that was written in both Maori and English.

It read:

"Kia Raha, Ria toa, Ri a manawanui

Be strong, be brave, be steadfast

E Ihowa Atua, Te aroha noa,

O Lord God, care for us"

The mosque said his visit was an instance of how peace and harmony are crucial values to the fabric of any society.

This is the Facebook post:

Here's how Kiwis are supporting their Muslim community back in New Zealand:

Top image collage from Al-Huda Mosque Singapore Facebook and Masjid Al-Falah - Islamic Learning & Information Centre Facebook.