Man coughs in toddler’s direction on MRT, shouts ‘HWAAAAH!!!’ after being scolded by toddler’s mum

Another day, another threat to call the police.

Mandy How | March 21, 12:56 pm


This will be in the running for Singapore’s funniest video in 2019.

On March 21, Facebook page Lion City Feed uploaded a video of a man coughing in a toddler’s direction on the MRT:

In six hours, the video has been shared more than 1,000 times.

In case you can’t see it (watch with audio, please):

What exactly happened

The nine-second video started with the man turning his head to his left, at a mother-and-son duo who were seated beside him.

He then proceeded to give a loud cough (you really should watch the video if you haven’t):

In response, the toddler’s mother raised her voice, “EH!!!!”

But the man replied matter-of-factly, “I coughing what”.

But the mum wasn’t about to let it go.



Despite the unintelligible retort, the mum continued, “You want me call police??”, before cutting the video off.

No context

The short video did not show what happened before the recording took place or provide any context.

The video only began exactly when the man coughed in the direction of the parent and child, suggesting the video might have been cut.

But Facebook users have come up with their own theories and suspicions:

Fun times.

Top image via Lion City Feed/Facebook


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