S’porean comedian Fakkah Fuzz drives to M’sia with N95 masks to help toxic fume victims

Kindness extends beyond borders.

Sulaiman Daud | March 13, 10:00 pm

[UPDATED on Thursday, March 14 at 11:20am with comments from Fakkah Fuzz]

Sometimes borders don’t matter when people need help.

Take Singaporean comedian Muhammad Fadzri Abd Rashid, better known by his stage name Fakkah Fuzz, for example.

He hopes to help people in Malaysia who are affected by the burning fires and toxic fumes at Pasir Gudang in Johor.

Which, if you recall, was the source of the burning smell and slight haze we experienced recently.

Weird burning smell in northeast S’pore? Yup, it’s a fire at Johor landfill.

According to the Malay Mail, illegally dumped chemicals, coupled with hot weather, led to the emission of hazardous fumes.

As of March 13, more than 500 people have sought medical attention and 16 schools have been closed.

Fadzri wants to help

Fadzri learned about the dire situation from the news and his Twitter feed.

He took to Twitter on Wednesday, March 13 with this:

Someone replied, saying the people there need masks, apparently because local supplies had run out.

Another person added that they needed “proper” masks, saying they could only get their hands on surgical masks.

As any Singaporean familiar with the haze would know, surgical masks don’t do a good job of blocking out smoke and toxic fumes as they are unable to filter out finer particles.

Fadzri then tweeted that he would get as many N95 masks as he could.

Speaking to Mothership on Thursday morning, he said, “I saw the distance on my GPS and it said the place was only 20 plus km away so I thought ‘hey, lets do this’.”

N95 masks from Mustafa

At around 8pm Wednesday, Fadzri tweeted a photo of the supplies he was bringing, apparently having bought them from Mustafa Shopping Centre.

He said he would not be able to reach UITM Pasir Gudang, a university in the area, but that he could reach Dewan (Serbaguna) Taman Pasir Putih, a multi-purpose hall in the town.

Fadzri told Mothership that other people he knew who couldn’t make the trip still helped out by contributing towards purchasing the masks.

At 8:34pm, Fadzri also uploaded a selfie video saying that he and some friends intend to make the trip to Pasir Gudang on Wednesday night in order to distribute the masks free-of-charge to the people in need:

Help those in need

Fadzri and his friends reached Pasir Gudang safely at around 1am Thursday and distributed the masks.

But there would be another development:

Sharing his personal take on his kind act, he told Mothership, “I think its best to all do our part and help those in need right now.”

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Weird burning smell in northeast S’pore? Yup, it’s a fire at Johor landfill.

Top image from Fakkah Fuzz’s Twitter page.

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