Audi couple share rear-view video of collision with “arrogant” cyclist, reveals their side of the story

The man disputes some of the claims made by the cyclist.

Sulaiman Daud | March 2, 12:46 pm

One video can paint a one-sided view of an incident.

The video of a confrontation between a couple in an Audi car and a cyclist drew a lot of attention after it was posted to Facebook group SG Road Vigilante.

The initial video drew criticism targeted at the driver as it did not show what led up to the altercation – only the argument and scuffle between the driver and cyclist over the cyclist’s mobile phone.

Second video

But on March 1, the same group shared another video of the same incident, this time purportedly from the man in the Audi car.

You can see the video below:

The man claims the following:

  • His car was slowing to a stop at the traffic light, and it didn’t suddenly “jam brake” like what the cyclist claimed.
  • The cyclist claims that he only hit the car with his hand, but the video appears to show the cyclist running into the car.
  • He admits that he and his companion might have “over-reacted”, but he said this was due to the “unremorseful” and “arrogant” attitude of the cyclist.
  • The cyclist cycled away after the collision without stopping.
  • When confronted, the cyclist allegedly denied there was a collision at all, and then changed his story to “It was only a scratch” when he was told that the car had a rear view camera.

The man added that the cyclist attempted to “clean off the damages” before they could take a picture for insurance claim purposes.

What to do when a bicycle hits a car?

The man also pointed out that motorists knew what to do if they collided with another car, i.e. get a car plate number or details of the other driver’s driving license to forward to the insurance company.

However, with cyclists, it was not so straightforward. The man said that was why they asked for the cyclist’s IC, as he did not have any other identifying documents.

He also claimed that they offered to let the cyclist call his parents to come down and “settle on his behalf”, but he refused. After that, the cyclist began recording a video.

The case is currently under investigation by the police, but it does raise the question of what’s the best way to settle disputes between cyclists and motorists.

You can see the post in full below:

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Top image from SG Road Vigilante’s Facebook post.

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