Complaint about man hanging out at S’pore McDonald’s in army uniform backfires

When the troll gets told off.

Sulaiman Daud | February 19, 11:50 pm

As the Internet continues to evolve, trolling will have to become more sophisticated for it to work or even keep up with the times.

This was evident as a complaint submitted by one Veronica Chin to local Facebook group Complaint Singapore on Feb. 19, ended up backfiring big time.

Incite negativity

The post had all the hallmarks of a complaint designed to tick Singaporeans off:

Screen shot from Complaint Singapore.

Complain Queen

Chin’s post had the features to push Singaporeans’ buttons:

  • Kaypoh — Is it any of her business how NSmen spend their time?
  • Ridiculous rationalisation — How on Earth would eating at a McDonald’s help terrorists?
  • Exposing subject’s privacy — His face was clearly visible in the original post.
  • Complain culture — Asking Mindef to look into the “case”, no less.

The post was taken down from Complaint Singapore at around 3:30pm, but not before receiving swift backlash from commenters.

It is also obvious Chin’s profile appears to be an avatar.

Reposted elsewhere

Despite being deleted at its source, her post was reposted on another Facebook group, Helloあsia Singapore, where commenters responded in largely the same manner, defending the NSman and criticising Chin’s complaint:

Screen shot from Helloあsia Singapore.
Screen shot from Helloあsia Singapore’s Facebook page.

One guy even stepped up to offer an explanation:

Screen shot from Helloあsia Singapore’s Facebook page.

Serial complainer

The thing is, Chin’s complaints are not new.

She is notorious for doing the same thing many times before, and she seems to reserve her particular ire for men in uniform.

Back in 2018:

Screen shot from Complaint Singapore.
Screen shot from Hardware Zone Forum.

Dubious details

Chin’s profile indicates that she is from Montreal, Canada:

Screen shot from Facebook.

Grassroots support

Whatever her real motives are, at least one good thing has come out of it.

People are supportive of Singapore’s NSmen when it’s clear that they are being subjected to unreasonable demands, standards and complaints.

That’s the kind of critical assessment that’s needed in a digital world.


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