Unique ‘Suzuki Swift’ spotted around S’pore designed by 57-year-old wheelchair user

And it's approved by the authorities.

Nyi Nyi Thet | February 7, 11:13 pm


You might have seen one of these posts circulating.

Here’s a post from from Singapore Retro Cars on Feb. 3, 2019:

The caption?

“I know this isn’t a car but my friend spotted this motorcycle modified with the Suzuki Swift’s rear end 👀 that’s quite unique”

Other posts have also commented on the car/ motorcycle hybrid.

“When you can’t decide between having a car or a motorcycle…”

This particular post garnered over 1,200 shares.

Some of the comments pointed out that the vehicle might have been a modified scooter used by a wheelchair user.

The license plate, FB, is that of a motorcycle class.

The story behind this though is fascinating.

Incredible design

According to a feature on AsiaOne, graphic designer Ling Teck Mong is the brains behind this sweet looking ride.

Ling designed this after a previous scooter became too much to maintain.

To achieve this, he approached a local motorcycle workshop, and the rest is history.

The scooter was made by grafting a Suzuki Swift hatchback’s rear bumper with an Italian Piaggio scooter.

According to AsiaOne, Ling wheels the S$18,000 vehicle using a lever-operated rear ramp.

The vehicle is also approved by The Land Transport Authority (LTA).


Image from Singapore Retro Cars


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