Passengers post photographs of multiple bug bites they got on StarMart coach travelling from M’sia to S’pore

Crawling on your skin.

Jonathan Lim | February 10, 04:35 pm


StarMart Express has been in the news twice in the past three years for having bed bugs on their buses here and here.

Bus AKX15

Now, three social media posts have been making its rounds on Facebook alleging that StarMart Express bus AKX15 has a bed bug problem.

Darren Lye posted on Facebook on saying that he took the StarMart Express bus from Taiping, Malaysia to Singapore.

He was travelling on Feb. 6 and shared that “seats number 26 and 27 was very dirty with some bedbugs on the seats”.

Lye said that he informed the driver during his 10-hour ride of the problem. Lye said the driver only told him to switch seats and did not do anything else.

Lye took to Facebook and shared photographs of the bites he received:

Lye’s older sister also posted Lye’s photographs on Facebook and wrote about the incident in Chinese which was shared more than 1,000 times.

She said that Lye was bitten throughout the journey and had many itchy welts.

She claimed that many people have said they have made similar complaints but no actions were taken.

Here’s her post:

A separate Facebook page, Johor My Home, shared an account of another passenger aboard AKX15 which travelled to Singapore on Feb. 6.

This time, the female passenger shared photographs of her bites which had some turn to blisters:

She also shared a photograph of her bus ticket:

Here’s the post:

And here’s a direct complaint from another passenger posting on StarMart Simpang’s Facebook page, with the caption “Same bus, different seat number. StarMart. Bus AKX15”.

The post came with multiple photographs of the bug bites:

Here’s the post:


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