Burning scent worsens across S'pore, change in wind direction to bring 'slightly hazy conditions'

You still can carry out activities as per normal.

Zhangxin Zheng| February 26, 12:39 AM

The undeniable weird acrid scent that has wafted across the north and northeast parts of Singapore seems to have worsened on Feb. 25 night.

Residents across Singapore from Jurong East to Pasir Ris have commented about the smell, with some feeling a slight discomfort as a result.

Prepare for slightly hazy condition

In the latest update on Feb. 25, the National Environment Agency (NEA) confirmed that the prevailing winds over Singapore are coming from the northeast direction.

A change in wind direction can bring about hazy conditions.

The exact reason could be attributed to a hot spot in Johor that is 30km to the east of Singapore, as circled on the map below.

Screenshot of NEA website.

However, due to cloudy conditions, NEA is unable to locate the exact hot spot.

But using Google Maps as cross-reference, Tanjung Langsat Landfill can be singled out as the location in that area in Malaysia.

A fire at the landfill was believed to be the cause of weird burning smell earlier this month.

Screenshot from Google Map.

The winds coming from the northeast direction carry the deposits over from the hot spot to Singapore.

Screenshot of NEA website.

"Moderate" air quality

The worsening air condition is also reflected by the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI), which has risen to "Moderate" level island-wide.

According to NEA, members of the public, including the elderly, children and those with lung/ heart diseases, can continue with normal activities at this level.

NEA have said they are monitoring the air quality.

Screenshot of NEA website, PSI value captured at 10pm.

Top photo from screenshots of haze.gov.sg