Alexandra Central Mall wants to take action against person who leaked footage

They will be replacing all glass doors in the mall too.

Zhangxin Zheng | February 28, 2019, 01:28 AM

The management of Alexandra Central Mall is investigating the source of the leak of video footage that showed the freak accident where a glass door fell over and injured a woman on its premises, according to a Today report on Feb. 27.

A spokesperson for mall, Philip Pang, told the paper that the management will be able to trace the source of the video and will take "firm action" against whoever leaked it.

A video that captured the incident at the fourth floor car park lobby went viral online on several Facebook pages.

This latest comment by the mall's management comes three days after a woman was hurt badly enough to be hospitalised.

Swift action by security team

The tenants in the mall were also informed about the incident via a circular distributed by the mall's management on Feb. 27.

The management claimed that the "security service providers (was) swift" in attending to the injured woman and her family.

Security officers called for the paramedics as soon as the chief security officer saw what happened via the cameras.

The management is in contact with the injured woman's family and has promised to do their best to render assistance.

Replace all glass doors

The management of Alexandra Central Mall has inspected all the doors in the building with a contractor.

Following the checks, Pang shared that all glass doors in the mall's premises will be replaced.

They will be working with the Building and Construction Authority to ensure that the new doors are securely installed.

Pang also confirmed that the fallen glass door was misaligned and will be removed.

A Today reporter noticed that the car park lobby where the accident occurred is now guarded by a security officer and the glass door was still in the car park.

No photo taking of the fallen glass door was allowed.

What happened to the lady?

Top photo collage from Alexandra Central Mall and video