Man applies for fruit-packing job, invites female recruiter to stay over & shower in his “new BTO”

The audacity.

Mandy How | February 10, 01:25 pm


Editor’s note on Feb. 10, 2.42pm: The sequence of events have been updated for clarity.

It’s not easy landing a job these days.

Requisite experience and qualifications aside, one needs luck and to compete with other candidates.

One man in Singapore, however, came out miles ahead from his competition — with the timeless trick of inviting the recruiter to sleep over and shower in his home.

Although the conversation started in June 2018, the pick-up line was only recently sent on Feb. 4, 2019, wheee it got  uploaded and shared on Facebook on the same day.

The screen shots of the conversation between the applicant and recruiter starts normally enough.

“Man: Hi.

Recruiter: Hi. Which job are you interested in?”

More normal talk about sending resumes:

In a twist faster than anyone could see coming, the applicant then invites Tan to meet up and drink together.

There appears to be no other messages exchanged on the platform between June 2018 and Feb. 2019.

He also makes it clear that he lives alone in a new BTO (build-to-order flat).

Tan also shared a photo of the applicant, which we have censored.

However, another Facebook user suspects that this is a case of impersonation:

Guy sounds very proud of his new house ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Top image via Amelia Tan/Facebook


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