Hougang economy rice stall serving 1 meat & 2 veg at S$2 for past 10 years

That's really cheap.

Nyi Nyi Thet | February 8, 04:54 pm


Goldhill Family Restaurant is quite a well-known name around the Hougang area.

It is primarily known for its incredibly cheap mixed vegetable rice, also known as cai png: At only S$2 for rice with two vegetables, and one meat.

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Food sites have constantly praised the restaurant’s cheap but tasty spread.

Which has unsurprisingly resulted in a steady stream of hungry clientele.

Image from Chong Kian Beng
Image from Eddy Pang


The location of the restaurant in Hougang, which is near the Defu industrial estate, provides some insight into its popularity as well as its low prices.

In an interview with Shin Min Daily, the owner, 56-year-old, Guo Fu Cai, delved deeper into how his stall operates.

They cook about 25 dishes every day, with meat dishes going at S$1 per serving, and the vegetables at S$0.50.

Although Guo acknowledges that the low price means profit margins aren’t that great, the fact that there are so many customers, mainly workers from nearby industrial areas, kind of makes up for it.

Image from Ng Joke Keong


Location: 6 Hougang Ave 3, Singapore 530006


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