S’pore teenager tips S$4 to food delivery rider despite mother’s look of “disagreement”

Good kid.

Fasiha Nazren | January 9, 01:10 pm

Giving tips to service providers is still not that commonplace in Singapore.

But it seems like the act of tipping is picking up lately and serves as an encouraging gesture from customers.

Delivers 3 bags of food

Twitter user @mabishak shared a touching incident he had experienced on Jan. 6.

He was delivering three plastic bags full of food from IMM to a customer’s house in Bukit Batok.

In case you didn’t know, most delivery riders either travel by motorcycle or a personal mobility device.

Making sure that large amounts of food doesn’t spill while travelling, can sometimes be challenging.

Which might explain why the rider was running late.

Given S$4 tip despite being “late”

Upon reaching his customer’s house, a teenager opened the door and took out his wallet to give a tip of S$4.

While this was a nice gesture, @mabishak noticed the teenager’s mother giving him a “look of disagreement”.

Food delivery riders not perfect

As he was walking away to go on with his day, he claimed to have heard the mother say:

“Why you give (him S$4), he so late.”

To which the teenager apparently defensively replied:

“He’s not perfect. He is working outside while we are having this huge dinner.”


Message to the mother

The food delivery rider ended his thread with the following message for the mother:

“Ma’am, you raised a man. Someone who is thoughtful and wise beyond his years. Do not corrupt his mind with the idea that riders like us are of a lower stature than you. We are all trying to earn our bowl of rice.”


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Top image by hongreddotbrehouse


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