Shanmugam assures ‘thorough investigations’ & ‘due processes’ for Platinium Dogs Club Saga

A serious matter.

Matthias Ang | January 5, 03:10 pm

Outrage in Singapore surrounding Platinium Dogs Club (PDC) has caught the attention of law and home affairs minister K Shanmugam.

On Jan. 5, Shanmugam put up a Facebook post weighing in on the issue.

In his post, Shanmugam said the “serious allegations” made against PDC are being investigated by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) and the police.

Shanmugam highlighted that PDC had been raided by the police as part of the investigations and that Singaporeans could be “rest assured” that “there will be due process” where those who have “engaged in illegal acts will face the consequences”.

Shanmugam further added that there were also allegations of those who had “acted wrongly” and “taken the law into their own hands”, and concluded his post by stating that these allegations would also be investigated as well.

Responses call for harsher punishments

Many Singaporeans reacted by calling for harsher punishments against the owner of PDC and a resolution to the whereabouts of the missing dog, Prince.

This missing dog case refers to Prince, a Sheltie that had been placed under the care of PDC.

The dog was not found by the police after PDC was raided.

Screenshot from Shanmugam Facebook
Screenshot from Shanmugam Facebook
Screenshot from Shanmugam Facebook
Screenshot from Shanmugam Facebook

Commenters also asked Shanmugam for more understanding regarding those who confronted the PDC owner over the missing dog.

Screenshot from Shanmugam Facebook
Screenshot from Shanmugam Facebook

People who confronted PDC owner

On Jan. 2, a group of people had gathered outside the premises of PDC to confront the owner over the missing dog.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force was then alerted to a road accident at around 4.52pm, where, according to The New Paper (TNP), a 40-year old man had alleged he had hit been by a black Jaguar reversing out of PDC’s driveway.

He was taken to the hospital in a conscious state.

The commotion also saw a painful exchange between Elaine Mao, the owner of Prince, and PDC’s owner, where Mao pleaded for information on the status of her dog but to no avail.

TNP added that the group, including the injured man, is currently being investigated for unlawful assembly.

TNP further reported that a police cordon has since been set up to restrict access to the end of the road where PDC is located.

What has happened so far:

Here’s a guide to everything that has gone down in the Platinium Dogs Club saga

Left image from Shanmugam Facebook, right screenshot from Elaine Mao’s video

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