Owner seeks help finding dog that went missing from Platinium Dogs Club

Be safe, Prince.

Zhangxin Zheng | January 1, 10:23 pm


Dogs from the infamous pet boarding house, Platinium Dogs Club, have now safely returned to their owners or at least escaped from their ordeal.

However, there is still one poor dog from the boarding house that needs your help to be reunited with his owner.

Police, SPCA & AVA raid Platinium Dogs Club’s facility in Bukit Panjang

Missing Sheltie

In a Facebook post written on Dec. 30, Elaine Mao, said that her dog, Prince, is a Sheltie placed under the care of the pet boarding house at 7 galistan avenue 669693.

This is the same address as the Platinium Dogs Club (PDC).

According to Mao, she has not received any news about Prince since Dec. 23.

Mao had been trying to call the caretaker at PDC but no one responded to her calls.

Here’s a photo of Prince just before he entered the pet boarding house.

Photo from Elaine Mao Yanlan Facebook post

Mao said that Prince has been licensed for three more years.

As you can see from the photo, Prince has a name tag on its neck and a microchip in him.

You can identify Prince by his white neat streak which extends from the top of its head to his snout.  

He also has a long scar on his back which can be seen by pushing his fur to the sides.

Photo from Elaine Mao Yanlan Facebook post

Mao said that Prince is pretty smart. He can respond to his name and does know his way home at Regent Residences along Serangoon Road.

However, Prince has not been out without its owners and does not know how to deal with the traffic.

Here’s another photo of Prince when it was shaved:

Photo from Elaine Mao Yanlan Facebook post

Tracking Prince’s whereabouts

Prince has been spotted at a few places since the post went out.

He was spotted at Hillview on Dec 31 at around 2 am, area circled in red in this map.

Photo from Elaine Mao Yanlan Facebook post

Mao guessed that Prince might still be in the vicinity of Bukit Batok.

She had tried to search in the area last night but she did not manage to find Prince.

Photo from Elaine Mao Yanlan Facebook post

Mao has created a poster in her search for Prince.

Mao also asked Singaporeans to help put up this poster in one’s neighbourhood to maximise the chance of finding Prince.

Photo from Elaine Mao Yanlan Facebook post

Mao is also constantly updating the status of their search for Prince in this post.

Do keep a lookout for Prince, folks.

Top photo collage from photos by Elaine Mao.

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