Cockroaches, cockroach eggs, dog food & poop left by housemate from hell in M’sia


Mandy How | January 8, 11:42 am


Editor’s note: The line about Teh and her housemate, Nobu,  has been edited for clarity.

Even Marie Kondo might shy away from this one.

On Jan. 7, Facebook user Micho Teh shared a post about her housemate named Issabelle, whom she lives with in Malaysia.

Issabelle sounds like a lovely name, except the girl had cockroaches, cockroach eggs, dog food, and dog poop all over her room, which resulted in a foul smell assailing the rest of the occupants when they opened the door:

Photo via Micho Teh/Facebook

Increased amount of cockroaches

Some weeks ago, Teh and her housemate, Nobu, became suspicious when Issabelle started to eat her meals downstairs instead of in her own room.

Describing her as someone with a “strong foul smell” and “super greasy hair”, the two already assumed that Issabelle had a serious hygiene issue.

However, as they were planning to move out soon, they ignored Issabelle’s tendencies, although they imagined her room to be “crazy dirty”.

Except that two weeks later, they noticed more and more cockroaches around the house.

Since it was a rainy season, Teh thought that it was a natural phenomenon, and expected the ground floor to be more populated with cockroaches due to the kitchen.

But the cockroaches were coming from upstairs.

Bringing it up in the group chat

On Jan. 6 (the night before Teh wrote her Facebook post), however, the number of cockroaches that showed up got intolerably high.

When a huge cockroach flew towards Teh, she decided to bring the matter up in the “housemates group chat”.

Issabelle subsequently left the group chat, which prompted the rest of the occupants to check out her room.

Teh shared screenshots of their conversation:

Screenshot via Micho Teh/Facebook

Teh then realised that her room mates from upstairs had it worse:

Screenshot via Micho Teh/Facebook

Issabelle then feigned ignorance:

Screenshot via Micho Teh/Facebook

Another house mate called for help, and six cockroaches were killed in her room at one go:

Screenshot via Micho Teh/Facebook
Screenshot via Micho Teh/Facebook

The following is a private conversation between Teh and the house mate who asked for help, where Teh voiced her suspicions about Issabelle:

Afterwards, in the group chat, Teh specifically asked Issabelle about the infestation:

Screenshot via Micho Teh/Facebook

When Issabelle left the group chat on the same night, the rest of the housemates went to check out her room:

Screenshot via Micho Teh/Facebook

They found dog shit, plenty of cockroaches, and a whole pile of mess in the room.

When they tried to seal off the exits with a tape after spraying insecticide, the housemates could apparently hear the cockroaches scratching at the tape, trying to escape:

Screenshot via Micho Teh/Facebook

Here are more photos that they took of the room:

Photo via Micho Teh/Facebook
Photo via Micho Teh/Facebook
Photo via Micho Teh/Facebook
Photo via Micho Teh/Facebook
Photo via Micho Teh/Facebook


Here’s a video of the cockroach trail and the mess in her:

Original post:

Top image from Micho Teh/Facebook


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