Peach bubble tea in a bottle available at S'pore's 7-Eleven at 2 for S$3.60

We never knew we needed this.

Fasiha Nazren | January 08, 2019, 02:50 PM

If there's one thing about bubble tea to gripe about, it's the typical plastic cup packaging it comes in.

Once you poke your straw into the cup, you'll have to hold it carefully so none of that bbt goodness spills out.

Bottled bubble tea at 7-Eleven

Enter 7-Eleven Singapore's newest item, bottled bubble tea:

Photo by Tan Guan Zhen

On Jan. 5, 7-Eleven Singapore announced on their Facebook page that they now have bottled peach bubble tea.

According to 7-Eleven Singapore, this is Singapore's first bottled bubble tea.

It is also made in Taiwan, home to the OG of bubble teas.

Currently, only one flavour is available at the convenience store.

Black and white konjac pearls

Each 450ml bottle is filled with peach milk tea as well as black and white konjac pearls.

Since the pearls are not the typical tapioca pearls that we're used to, the texture of the konjac pearls may require some getting used to.

As part of a promotion, two bottles of peach bubble tea will go for S$3.60 until Jan. 22.

Top image by Tan Guan Zhen and 7-Eleven Singapore.


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