Only 3 new face-melting rides at 2018 Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

Rides are slightly cheaper this year.

Belmont Lay | December 23, 2018 @ 05:14 am


The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival is back in 2018 for its second run:

(Click here for the video if you can’t view it.)

It has opened its doors to the public on Saturday, Dec. 22 with 22 rides.

Three of them are new.

Prices for most rides have been lowered by about S$1 this year.

Except the Mach 5, which is priced at 14 tokens.

Here’s a look at the three new rides:

1. Wave Swinger

This ride was flown in from Italy for the first time to Southeast Asia.

It is meant for couples. And the whole family. Not that scary.

2. Freak Out/ Spring Break

A new addition to the carnival.

Scream your head off while faced down and spinning in directions until you cannot even.

3. Jumper Jumper

This is like bouncy castle but with less cushion.

Other usual attractions

The Star Flyer and Mach 5 that made their debut last year will also be available.

This year’s carnival is touted as having prepared to give away S$3 million worth of carnival prizes.

There is even a grand lucky draw with a S$10,000 prize.

The food stands last year will also be back this yaer.

The carnival will be open from 4pm to 11pm daily and runs all the way till March 24, 2019.

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