Man rushes down block to confront SingPost postman who allegedly left delivery note after a few knocks on door

The postman didn't even bring up the parcel from his bike.

Joshua Lee | December 26, 2018, 07:28 PM

Update: SingPost said the postman waited for 45 seconds at Lau's door and the pair "just missed each other". You can read its full statement here

Have you ever been at home the whole day without hearing anyone at the door only to open it later on to find there is a note saying a postman wanted to make a delivery but couldn't because no one was home?

This story will definitely resonate with you.

Postman knocked a few times

A Facebook user named Andy Lau posted the following encounter with a SingPost postman on Dec. 26:

In case you can't read it, here it is:

Delivery guy knocked for a few seconds, ran off and left the note before I can answer the door. I sprinted down and camped at his bike until he appeared. Confronted him about it and he couldnt put his words together properly on how he waited for more than 20 minutes. Whole process took 5 minutes or so. Singapore Post get your s*** together.

In a nutshell, Lau was at home when the postman came by and knocked on the door.

But the postman apparently left a delivery notification without waiting for Lau to open the door.

A delivery notification is a slip that the postman leaves outside your front door when there is no one at home to collect a registered parcel.

The parcel will then be brought to the nearest post office where the recipient can collect it the next day.

Lau's notification slip. Via Andy Lau Facebook.

According to Lau, after the postman was nowhere to be found at his front door having left fairly quickly, he sprinted down to the ground floor and waited for the postman to appear.

When he confronted the postman, the latter could not explain why he did not wait for the door to open before leaving.

Lau mentioned that the whole process of answering the doorbell and sprinting down only took five minutes.

In a subsequent comment, Lau revealed that the postman did not even bring up Lau's package, meaning his intention was to leave only the delivery notification at Lau's door:

Netizens share similar "unprofessional" encounters

Lau's encounter prompted netizens to share similar experiences with "unprofessional" postmen:

We have reached out to SingPost for their comment on the incident.

Another story about a SingPost postman behaving badly:

Top image via Andy Lau's Facebook