Missed delivery incident: SingPost says postman waited 45 seconds

Apparently the postman and Lau "just missed" each other.

Joshua Lee | December 28, 2018 @ 06:26 pm


You might have read this account by Andy Lau (not the actor) about his unfortunate encounter with a SingPost postman:

Man rushes down block to confront SingPost postman who allegedly left delivery note after a few knocks on door

Postman allegedly didn’t wait

In a nutshell, Lau alleged that the postman knocked only for a few seconds, left a delivery notification at his door, and “ran off” before he could answer the door. Lau then ran downstairs to the postman’s bike and confronted him.

The postman was unable to explain his actions, and furthermore, proceeded to take out out Lau’s package from the back of his scooter.

Lau’s post attracted a lot of comments from netizens who had similar experiences with SingPost postmen.

Postman and Lau “missed” each other

In response to Mothership’s queries, a SingPost spokesperson said they contacted Lau to investigate the matter and found that the two of them “just missed each other”.

SingPost also said that the postman waited 45 seconds and knocked on Lau’s door several times.

As there was no response, the postman left the delivery notification and returned the package to his scooter before heading to another unit. After that, he went back to scooter and met Lau there.

Here is SingPost’s statement in full:

We have spoken with Andy and thank him for his understanding.  

 From our investigations, it appears that Andy and our postman just missed each other. At 11.52am on 26 December 2018, our postman brought a package up to Andy’s home as it was too large to fit in the letterbox. In accordance with our procedures, he waited at least 45 seconds, knocking on the door several times. As there was no response, he slid a delivery advice under the door. At the lift landing while waiting for the lift, our postman turned back to see if someone might have answered the door.

 Following the unsuccessful delivery attempt, our postman returned the package to his scooter and proceeded to deliver another item to a unit in the same block that is not accessible by the lifts serving Andy’s flat. After completing that delivery, he was met at his scooter by Andy, to whom he handed over the package. As our postman is not fluent in English, he was unable to explain the situation to Andy then.

 With three million items coming through our postal network each day, it is our priority to deliver them successfully on the first try. We have in place clear operational procedures and a system of rewards and disincentives to ensure compliance. We are also harnessing technology to strengthen our processes and enable new capabilities for the rise of eCommerce deliveries, where packages may not fit in the letterbox, and our customers are not home to receive them.

Top image via Andy Lau

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