Cyclist knocked over by lorry allegedly showed up in bandages for police station statement

More info about what went down in the aftermath.

Mandy How | December 26, 2018 @ 07:04 pm


The lorry driver-cyclist duo probably didn’t think they would end up being one of the biggest sagas in Singapore 2018:

Cyclist at Pasir Ris whacks side mirror of lorry, gets knocked off road by lorry shortly after

Caught on video was footage that showed that the cyclist, Eric Cheung, who got sideswiped by the lorry, appeared well enough to confront the lorry driver, even snatching the driver’s phone:

Video shows aftermath of Pasir Ris ‘cyclist vs lorry driver’ incident: Cyclist snatches phone from driver

Identities revealed

In an interview with Lianhe Wanbao on Dec. 26, it was revealed that the lorry driver is Zhang Sheng Zhong, a 57-year-old fish farm owner.

Zhang said that Cheung, 35, had gently placed the phone back in his shirt pocket after snatching it away and gave Zhang a “friendly” reminder to stop filming, despite the cyclist’s seemingly unfriendly actions just moments before.

When Zhang wanted to exchange contact information with the cyclist, Cheung indicated that he did not bring his identity card along, and did not appear to want to ask for compensation.

Zhang added that Cheung and his bicycle looked fine to him.

Wanbao reported that Cheung had sustained bruises from the accident.

In case you didn’t know, the lorry driver said he did not knock into the cyclist on purpose.

Met again at police station

According to Wanbao, both parties were called to the police station on Dec. 24 for statement-taking, where they crossed paths again.

Although there was almost no communication between them, the Chinese daily wrote that Zhang was made uneasy by Cheung, who had allegedly flashed him a “cold” smile.

The lorry driver told Wanbao:

“The moment he [Cheung] appeared, I realised that his left hand has been bandaged, raised my head to look at him, but immediately felt uneasy.”

Zhang also said he felt that the cyclist was intending to “toy” with him, and the lorry driver feared that that would be the end of him.

Additionally, Zhang claimed that he saw Cheung showing the officer an x-ray and pointing out where his injuries were.

Zhang was advised by another officer to not look any further, in case a situation arises.

The driver and the cyclist were about three to four metres apart then.

Zhang expressed his confusion to the Wanbao reporter, saying that Cheung looked fine during their confrontation right after the accident.

Cheung had also allegedly said that he was fine, and declined to visit the hospital after the collision.

“Why was his hand bandaged during the statement-taking? How did it get injured?” Zhang questioned.

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