Male teacher in China keeps track of female students' menstrual cycles to better take care of them

He also provides hot water and brown sugar to help ease their pain.

Kayla Wong | November 17, 2018, 03:31 PM

The following story about a male teacher in China going above and beyond his call of duty could really go either way.

A male teacher in China reportedly cares for his female students so much he keeps track of their menstrual cycles, according to Headline News.

Records female students' menstrual cycles every month

Mo Qunli, a 38-year-old teacher, teaches Chinese in Daxi High School in Wenling City, in China's Zhejiang province.

He first started recording his female students' menstrual cycles when the school introduced running activities for students between classes.

He puts the dates up on a whiteboard -- for everyone to see.

Mo, who has 12 years of teaching experience, said the practice is to better take care of the female students who are too shy to say they could not run as they were feeling discomfort from their period.

He bought a large thermo-flask with his own money and also provides brown sugar for them.

This is so as some believe that brown sugar mixed with hot water can help relieve menstrual pain.

His class consists of 30 female students and 13 male students.

"Girls are to be taken care of"

Mo also gets his male students to carry hot water to the class regularly.

When they complain, he simply tells them that "girls are to be taken care of".

He said it is important to take note of the circumstances of his class first to understand the situation:

"When I first introduced this practice, most students in my class could accept it. There were a few male students who teased the girls, but that's probably because they were curious.

But generally speaking, my class gets along well with one another."

As for his female students, Mo said he feels a sense of responsibility and concern towards them, just like a father does towards his daughters:

"They view me as a father figure too. So this is not embarrassing."

What he practices at home

Mo's chivalrous ways starts from his own home.

He adds that he does not allow his wife to come into contact with cold water or do the laundry when her period comes, and that most people around him think he is "caring" towards others.

Finally, as for those who don't agree with what he's doing, Mo said:

"Some people say that I'm perverted and whatnot. There's no way to get everyone on board with you. They are not familiar with your job or your industry."

Chinese netizens are divided

Comments from Chinese netizens are mostly mixed.

Many netizens showed support for the teacher, saying he is kind and caring towards his students.

But at the same time, many disagreed.

Not a big deal

The situation in this class is slightly different. Out of 43 students, 30 of them are female. He has been the form teacher for 12 years, most of the female students in the class accept his approach. The classmates get along well with one another. The teacher prepares hot water and brown sugar for them. He does the laundry when his wife's period comes.

I recommend everyone to finish watching the video first. If the students themselves don't mind, who are you to judge?

Having periods is extremely normal for girls. Women have their periods for a good half of their lives, why is this such a big deal? China is really too backward thinking when it comes to this. This is also why sex education here is a failure, resulting in many girls not knowing how to protect themselves. If your thinking is straight, everything else is straight.

If you watched the video, you'd understand. Firstly, this is for the sake of those girls who don't feel well, yet can't bring themselves to say anything about it. Secondly, this is to prevent anyone from using their period as an excuse to skip running activities. Those who think this is weird probably think since they were young that menstruation is not something that can be spoken about. It was only after I went through years of (menstrual) pain that I realised periods and menstrual pads are not something to feel ashamed about. The teacher is also demonstrating the right attitude to go about dealing with this topic.

This is weird

Although he appears to show consideration, it's still kind of strange.

This is rather perverted and disrespectful to female students. Everything requires a limit. Kindness shown without thinking about the other party is just another form of violation.

My period is something private. The right way to go about teaching students about this is to tell them that there's nothing embarrassing about periods, and that if they need to be excused from class, they can just tell the teacher straight without hiding it. There's no need to publicise the entire class' menstrual cycles like the way he did.

I'm not feeling the 'niceness'. It's normal for girls to have their periods. Women are independent and can take care of themselves. There's no need for a guy to record their menstrual cycles to take care of them. This teacher is too extreme.

You can watch Mo's interview here:

[video width="854" height="480" mp4=""][/video]

All screenshots & top image via Headline News/Weibo


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