Another woman, this time in Ubi, fined for holding unlit smoked cigarette butt while looking for dustbin

This is becoming a pattern.

Belmont Lay| November 08, 01:29 AM

It appears getting fined for being considerate is becoming a thing in Singapore.

In what appears to be a second incident in two weeks, another woman -- this time in Ubi -- has come out to talk about her experience of being fined for holding on to an unlit smoked cigarette.

Same as previous incident

Her experience is almost identical to the previous incident in Yishun.

A woman was previously issued a fine after she entered a sheltered area while holding on to her spent cigarette to dispose of it properly at the rubbish bin, but got accosted by National Environment Agency officers.

What happened in this latest incident

The latest incident this time occurred on Nov. 5, at about 2.30pm, and the circumstances were almost identical to the previous case.

The woman involved put up a Facebook post detailing what happened and why it was unfair for her to have been fined S$200 in Ubi that day.

This was what she wrote:

• She had to take a seven-minute walk from her home to the bus stop, so she lit up a cigarette to smoke

• To get to the bus stop, she had to walk across an open car park

• She was done with her cigarette before reaching the bus stop

• She did not stub out the cigarette but it had stopped burning

• To get to the bus stop and a rubbish bin she could use, the woman had to walk under a covered walkway

• When she did, a man stopped her from behind the moment she entered the covered walkway

• She was told she was caught on camera for smoking and asked to produce her identification card

• Another female officer showed up, followed by another two officers, a male and a female -- all in plain clothes

• They told her she was trailed for a while

• The officers told her they have "no choice but to enforce the law" on her

• They said she should have stubbed out the cigarette and threw it away

• They also said they could not show her the camera footage on the spot and asked her to appeal her case instead

• They also did not allow her to take photos of their identification tags, especially the female officer with the camera

• But she still managed to take down two of the male officers' names

• Looking back on the incident, the woman said: "I feel extremely unfair that such an injustice is being done to me. I don't think I should be penalised for trying to do the right thing which is to throw my litter into where it belongs -- the rubbish bin."

• She hopes her post can bring this practice by the NEA officers to light to warn others about it



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