Man in M'sia gets married in Doraemon suit


Zhangxin Zheng | November 19, 2018, 02:10 PM

Doraemon, the cartoon Japanese robotic cat, has accompanied many of us through childhood.

A man in Malaysia has customised his wedding suit to include Doraemon, because they probably are the second love of his life.

Doraemon Baju Melayu

The man from Malaysia, Abann Dass, put a creative twist on his traditional Malay outfit (Baju Melayu) as he shared a series of OOTD (outfit of the day) photos in a post on Nov. 16.

The blue Baju Melayu was printed with the Doraemon characters, such as Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Suneo, and Goda.

In the post, he also thanked people for attending his wedding.

Text translation: Praise be to God, thank you to everyone who attended Abann Dass' wedding ceremony

If you cannot see the post, here's how he looked in his Doraemon Baju Melayu.

Photo from Abann Dass Facebook

Photo from Abann Dass Facebook

Photo from Abann Dass Facebook

Photo from Abann Dass Facebook

Big fan of Japanese animation

According to Malaysian news site The Star Online, Abann Dass is a fan of Japanese animation, which includes Doraemon.

He wanted to wear this Baju Melayu for wedding photography, but decided to wear it on the wedding day itself on the decorated pelamin, where the bridal couple sit and receive blessings from their guests.

His bride was initially embarrassed and concerned about what others would think, but she still gave in to Abann Dass's request, out of love.

"She initially did not want me to wear it, as she was embarrassed about what others would say. But I convinced her, by saying 'kalau you sayangkan I, pakai kejap pun tak apa’ (if you love me, you wouldn't mind even if I wore this for awhile."

However, the bride requested not to post any photos of her outfit online.

Meanwhile, Abann Dass continued to wear the Doraemon top after the wedding day.

Text translation: My face look like Doraemon, is it? I went to the post office and Mr Postman said: "Doraemon is here." All of them wanted to take a selfie with me.

Quite epic.

Top photo collage from photos on Abann Dass Facebook.


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