Taxi driver opens door on expressway, causes chain reaction resulting in 2 motorcyclists crashing

That's horrible.

Nyi Nyi Thet | October 24, 2018, 07:25 PM

A video posted to the Singapore Road Accident Facebook community group on Oct. 24 showed an accident purportedly on the SLE at the BKE exit.

Here it is.

In case you can't see the video.

[video width="640" height="256" mp4=""][/video]

If the sequence is too quick for you, here are the important parts of the video.

A prior incident?

If you keep your eye on the left side of the road, you will notice that there appears to have been a prior incident of some sort.

It involved a white car and the taxi.

Image from SG Road Accident

For some reason both drivers were in the process of opening their doors.

The hit

Here's the hit that appeared to result from the opened taxi door.

Gif from SG Road Accident

You can see the bike clip the edge of the door just as he had appeared to have ridden past it.

The other hit

As the first motorcycle crashed, another motorcyclist came up from behind.

Unfortunately, it appears the second motorcyclist didn't see the fallen motorcyclist or could not react in time, and clipped the first motorcycle.


Most commenters were firmly on the bikers side.

Screenshot from Singapore Road Accident

Although some did try to blame the motorcyclist.

Screenshot from Singapore Road Accident

Which brought up an interesting question.

Image from Singapore Road Accident


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