How to drink bubble tea without leftover pearls (Someone used the scientific method & wrote an essay on it)

Passion and dedication.

Mandy How | October 12, 2018 @ 03:24 pm


Bubble tea has peaked.

We’re not talking about this:

Somebody put bubble tea pearls on pizza & people are crazy over it

Or even this:

This Thai cafe’s bubble tea has an insane amount of pearls in it

We are talking about a full-blown academic essay — graphs, references, and simulations included — on how to optimise the ratio of pearls to bubble tea per sip.

In other words: How to drink bubble tea so that there are no leftover pearls.

The Sippy Sip Simulator

What the essay attempts to do is simulate an optimised sip.

Of course, this is affected by a number of factors, such as the dimensions of your cup, what you put in the cup, and how you drink it.

But never mind that.

What’s impressive is all these thingamajigs that run the virtual experiment:

Yeah, the following is animated:

If you are interested, you can create your own simulation here (although to be honest it’s quite confusing).

The Bubble Tea Hypothesis

But it’s okay if you don’t understand any of the above, because the essay also provides a few handy tips from its findings.

Here’s how to optimise your pearl intake per bubble tea sip, according to the author (note: the writer refers to pearl as bobas):

1. Better use slim cup than fat cup

Can create taller layer of bobas, and there is less area to catch the bobas when they are a few remaining.

2. Don’t add too much ice

If you add ice, make them melt early to add volume to the tea. I usually shake my cup before drinking, which also ensures the entire drink is cold in case the shop just drops the ice on top without shaking or stirring. The trade-off is it may dilute the tea.

3. Better do a powerful sip than a weak sip

Powerful sips ensure you get the bobas and maybe some more while weak sips may only give you the tea. Just don’t be too aggressive and end up choking yourself.

Wise words.

Full article on Medium here.

Top image from Krist Wongsuphasawat/Medium


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