Child rides kickscooter through moving traffic at Compassvale Drive, hits a car

Always wait for the green light.

Fasiha Nazren| October 13, 03:52 PM

What you're about to see is not for the fainthearted.

Boy dashes through moving traffic

On Oct. 13, the following video was uploaded onto Facebook community page

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In case you can't see the video, a young boy was seen going through a moving traffic in Compassvale Drive.

This resulted in some cars jamming their brakes in order to avoid hitting him:

Narrowly escaped death

Halfway through the crossing, he was lucky to have been mere seconds too slow.

Emerging from a blind spot, he hit the side of a white car, causing him to stumble and fall off his scooter. If he had been faster, it would have been the car hitting him instead.

But he seemed well enough to be able to stand up on his own and pick up his scooter.

Where were his parents?

The video, which has garnered more than 600 shares and over 400 reactions, were filled with comments asking where his parents were:

Others also defended that the driver of the white car should not be blamed for the parents' "child negligence":

LTA code of conduct

According to the Land Transport Authority's code of conduct, personal mobility device (PMD) users or cyclists are required to look out for on-coming traffic when approaching pedestrian crossings and cross only at walking speed.

They are also advised dismount to push their bicycles/PMDs especially when moving through crowded areas.


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