All aboard the Gudetama train starting in Japan from Dec. 2018

Egg all over the place.

Sulaiman Daud| June 21, 06:12 PM

Fans of Gudetama, the lazy egg yolk-like cartoon character, will soon be able to travel in style.

In Japan, where the Sanrio character comes from, you can ride a train decorated with images of Gudetama itself on the Seibu Railway.

On the side:

Screen shot taken from Gudetama's Facebook video.

On the inside:

Screen shot from Gudetama's Facebook video.

And on the front, making it look like Gudetama itself is traversing the tracks of Tokyo:

Screen shot via Gudetama's Facebook video.

The railway's operations are located mainly in Northwest Tokyo and the Saitama Prefecture.


Gudetama's Instagram page claims that the train is "eco-friendly", without going into details.

It also says you can start riding the Gudetama Train in Dec. 2018.

Like its fellow Sanrio character, Gudetama has also become wildly popular, with its face stuck on all kinds of merchandise.

Vox seems to think that its lazy, apathetic personality strikes a chord in its fans:

"Gudetama and its popularity are part of a more expansive cultural movement — a reaction to life that’s been punctuated by uncertainty, turbulence, and outrage."

Popular enough at least for an airplane -- and now a train.

Top image via screen shot from Gudetama's Facebook video.