S'porean influencer Andrea Chong finally says something about Daryl Aiden Yow saga

This after two days of being hounded with accusations of similar deception on her posts.

Mandy How | June 22, 2018, 07:02 PM

Two days after the Daryl Aiden Yow saga broke, his best friend and well-known influencer has finally made a public comment on the incident.

Chong, whom Yow refers to "babygirl" on his posts occasionally, has more than 300,000 followers on her Instagram account.

A good number of folks on Instagram who know both Yow and Chong might reasonably deduce that he rose to prominence chiefly thanks to his friendship with Chong:

Replied to comment in latest post

Now, because of his close relationship with Chong, the fallout from Yow's saga has regrettably, but inevitably, spilled over to her and her posts.

A comment on her latest post, for instance, asks her to "tell [...] the truth" about an alleged PhotoShopped image:

Here's her response to it:

If you're wondering, the post itself is unrelated to the saga:


She also gave the same response to another comment left by the same user, on her previous post:

Bombarded with questions

Before this, however, a number of users have already been leaving comments on an earlier post from her:

Defended by other users

Some of Chong's followers defended her, though:

Ah well. Hope their friendship survives this?

Top image from Andrea Chong's Instagram