S'pore man pissed he was not automatically served champagne on SQ Premium Economy. Internet laughs.

This is a new kind of complaint.

Jonathan Lim | May 30, 2018, 07:13 PM

We get it. Premium Economy plane tickets are not cheap. Many of us would naturally expect a higher level of service, amenities, and food. It is 'premium' after all.

And even more so for an airlines like Singapore Airlines. Expectations can some times be higher than the moon.

But one guy took his expectations to the next level.

Here's his complaint he made to the Singapore Airlines Facebook page:

Where's his champagne?

On first reading, it would seem that Lim was upset that SQ was not willing to serve him champagne. He was well within his right to ask for champagne.

Something must be amiss.

So SQ probed:

Eh? So Lim was expecting to be given a champagne upon boarding - much like those nice and toasty hot towels. And headphones, of course.

Misleading marketing?

But what was this media showcase Lim was going on about that he claims was misleading?


The picture's a bit small, here's the enlarged one:

I mean the website does feature a stewardess serving passengers:

I wonder if Lim requires the stewardess to be the exact same one.

The Internet to the rescue

Forum users over at Hardwarezone picked up this complaint and started a thread - NEW SAGAT! Stefan Lim sits SIA premium economy but KPKB why no one serve him his champagne! - and netizens promptly descended on the Facebook post to give Lim some choice words. He responded at first:

But more people piled in with common sense:

And others joined in the fun:

Special shout-out to Eugene, a man after our own heart:


Top image from Singapore Airlines

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