Aunts of late NSF Dave Lee pleads with his army mates to tell full truth

That's the last thing they can do for him now.

Belmont Lay | May 04, 2018, 11:52 AM

Two aunts of the late full-time national serviceman Dave Lee Han Xuan are appealing to his army mates to tell "the full truth" to investigators.

The aunts, Michelle Yeo and Cecilia Yeo, said in two separate May 3 posts that the 19-year-old’s death had “shattered” the family.

“To all army mates and witnesses on that fateful day, please speak out for Dave where he can no longer do that now. Please tell the full truth (during the) investigations,” wrote Michelle Yeo.

“If Dave had touched your life in any way, perhaps this will be the last thing you can do for him now.”

Cecilia Yeo, Michelle's sister, called on those who witnessed the events leading up to her nephew's death to be “the voice (for) Dave”.

She also wrote that “this incident has shattered our family and (Dave’s) future”.

"Reckless behaviour" allegation

The call for transparency comes after an unverified account of events by a fellow soldier alleged the deceased soldier's commanders had shown "reckless behaviour", forcing him to complete the fast march "even though he was showing signs of extreme physical exhaustion".

The account recounted what happened before and after the fast march.

However, the late soldier's parents declined comment when asked about the incident and the allegations when they spoke to the media on Wednesday.

Lee's mother, Jasmine Yeo, also reserved comment on the authorities' handling of the incident from the time their son collapsed, citing the investigations to be conducted.

Singapore Army tribute

The Singapore Army has separately paid tribute to Lee.


Investigations underway

The police would independently probe Lee’s death. A Coroner’s Inquiry may be held depending on the outcome of the investigations.

Mindef added that a separate investigation by a Committee of Inquiry (COI) will be chaired by a senior official from the Ministry of Education.

The COI will have a "medical specialist from the public healthcare sector" among its members.

COIs are convened for all training-related deaths. They have full powers and access to information and personnel to investigate the circumstances leading to death, determine the contributory factors and make recommendations to rectify any lapses or inadequacies uncovered.

Claims of mistreatment in NS:

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