Audi Grab driver in S’pore explains why he punched rider in teeth

Booked wrong car, refused to cancel and laughed.

Joshua Lee | May 29, 2018 @ 11:15 am


Another day another Grab drama.

Recently, STOMP published the below story about a Grab Audi driver who allegedly punched his rider after the latter refused to cancel the trip. The story was submitted to STOMP by the rider who went by the name “Henry”.

The incident happened on May 12 at about 11.30am.

TL;DR of the rider’s account:

  • Henry and family called for a Grab ride.
  • Grab driver arrived in an Audi and found that Henry had a 5-year-old son.
  • Driver told Henry that he should have indicated that in the booking, and that he cannot take the assignment (because any passenger below 1.35m require a car booster seat).
  • Henry proceeded to book another ride via Ryde, but refused to cancel the Grab assignment, insisting that the driver should cancel it instead.
  • Driver got angry and punched Henry in the mouth.

Soon after, the supposed driver’s side of the story began circulating within some of the private-hire driver Facebook groups:

TL;DR of the Grab driver’s account:

  • Driver arrived at Henry’s spot and found that he had two kids, and hence, declined the job because driver didn’t have the booster seats.
  • Driving with children under 1.35m requires booster seats or the driver is liable to a fine and demerit points.
  • Driver reminded Henry to cancel and rebook. Henry didn’t, so Driver went back to look for him.
  • The two got into an argument. Henry didn’t think that he should cancel (even though he booked the wrong car).
  • Driver couldn’t cancel because it would affect his cancellation rate and he may lose his incentives amounting $300.
  • Driver also said he can’t take the children without a car seat otherwise his insurance will not cover the ride.
  • Just then, a Ryde car arrived. Apparently Henry didn’t cancel the Grab ride but called a Ryde service.
  • He then allegedly laughed at the driver and said he would “cancel later”.
  • Driver got agitated and punched Henry

Who’s wrong, who’s right?

First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way: If you have a child who is below 1.35m travelling with you, you need to book a GrabFamily car.

A GrabFamily car is equipped with either an IMMI Go car seat (for ages 1-3) or a mifold Grab-and-Go Car Booster Seat (for ages 4-7). The law requires that children below 1.35m be belted up in a booster seat in a car (excluding taxis).

Obviously then, Henry booked the wrong car and he should be the one cancelling the ride, not the driver.

Having said that, the driver shouldn’t have lost his cool and physically assault Henry. Drivers in such a situation should contact Grab’s customer service to sort out the cancellation in the backend.

This is very common, apparently

What was even sadder were the reactions from fellow Grab drivers who let on that such incidences are quite common:

If you are a Grab rider, go to the Grab website and educate yourself on the various Grab services.

Know that when you insist on a cheaper but unsuitable Grab service (like insisting on booking a car with no booster seats when you have a toddler), you are inconveniencing drivers and subjecting them to potential financial penalties.

Hopefully this would be a cautionary tale to Grab drivers and riders to treat each other with respect and more importantly to know what kind of Grab services you can and cannot book, if you don’t want to be the next one with a bloody mouth.

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