15 Bishan otters snoop on man sleeping by S'pore River

They make boop with him.

Zhangxin Zheng | April 03, 2018, 09:27 AM

The Bishan otter family paid a human being a surprise visit along the Singapore River on March 15 during one of their outings.

Booped man

While passing by Singapore River, two younger otters noticed a man lying motionlessly by the river.

After getting a green light from the adults, they decided to go closer to check on him.

*Sniffing his feet* Hmmm he is probably just taking a nap.

"Okay kiddos, don't kaypoh let's go!"

The otters made their grand exit as the people nearby noticed their sudden appearance and swarmed over with phones/ cameras:

The man didn't appear to even notice he had been booped by so many otters at one time.


While getting surrounded by 15 otters might seem like a blessing/ daunting, it is not surprising as otters are a bunch of curious animals.

Furthermore, as you can from the video, they do not linger long as they would rather continue with their otter outing.

Here's the full video:

Just otterly stuff:

Top photo from Eyes Drop Channel

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