S’pore man places S$10,000 ‘bounty’ on police officer & Grab driver who offended him

He has come out to explain his side of the story.

Mandy How |Jonathan Lim | April 16, 2018 @ 01:11 pm

Hot on heels/wheels of the MIA influencer and S$10 pump man is a new saga: An (apparently) very rich 25-year-old male has placed S$10,000 — S$30,000 bounty on a Grab driver and police officer who offended him.

While the original post on Facebook (and all his social media accounts) have since been taken down, the fast-fingered users at local forum Eat Drink Man Woman (EDMW) managed to grab a screenshot of it (identities redacted by us, and summary below):

They also included a photo of him at what looks like a bodybuilding event:

As well as one of his projects:

Here’s a summary of the Facebook rant:

– On April 15, around 2.30am, Supposedly Rich Bodybuilder (SRB) boarded a cab.

– The driver refused to start the trip because the woman with SRB, whom he calls Praise, was tipsy and might vomit.

– SRB said he threw a S$1,000 note at the driver and said he’ll pay 50 times the amount, whether Praise vomits in the car or not.

– The driver, an uncle, started rambling “(s)exist things”.

– SRB challenged him to a fight.

– The driver called Grab to complain. SRB called the police, and six officers subsequently came down.

– The police initially “sided” with the driver, but later on took the side of SRB after he explained the situation.

– However, in the course of the group’s conversation, an Indian officer allegedly told SRB: “Eh I am the police officer here. You are just a civilian. So you better shut up and listen to me.”

– SRB then told the officer that he was only an officer because he was “useless” and went to an ITE .

– SRB boasted to both the driver and the officer that he’s half their age but earns 25 times more money.

– He gave both of them ultimatums: either apologise to himself and Praise, or have their careers destroyed.

– The Indian officer did not say anything, but his IO (investigating officer) told him to back down. She had, according to SRB, done her research and knew who they were dealing with.

– The driver apologise to SRB and Praise, but was sarcastic to the latter.

– SRB decided to give them “eight chances to apologise” and spent the next two hours “explaining sh*t” to them.

– SRB complained that he lost S$70,000 because he wasn’t able to make it on time for a meeting.

After this incident, SRB decided to place a S$10,000 bounty each on the driver and the police officer. The amount is for anyone who can provide relevant information on them.

Anyone who can bring him the driver alive, without breaking any rules, will receive S$30,000.

SRB also claimed he hired a layer from Rajah & Tann and made a S$400,000 cashier’s order, which authorises the bank to issue the money on his behalf.

Explains himself, becomes contrite

After the drama caught the attention of Hardwarezone users, SRB came out to explain his side of the story on the same EDMW thread:

For his first post, he admitted that “it was wrong of me to blow things up the way I did and it was in the heat of hte moment.”

However, he insisted that the Grab driver was at fault for making sexual comments towards his female companion.

He also explained why he was offended by the Indian police officer. While SRB was talking to other police officers, the Indian officer interrupted him and told him “I am a police officer, you are a civilian. You have no right to say anything when I’m talking to you.”

SRB claimed the officer had “his hand right by his gun holster” when the officer made that remark.

Hardwarezone users subsequently chastised him for his “ITE” comment on the police officer, and the fact that he put a “bounty” on the driver and police officer.

Following a few more posts, SRB gave a more contrite reply:

SRB said that he was “genuinely sorry for overreacting” and he had actually been seeking psychiatric treatment and counselling prior to the incident.

Nonetheless, he said in the post would still want to reach out to the Indian police officer to let him know why that officer’s action had offended him.

In his latest post, he said he would write letters of apology to the officers and hand-deliver the letters to them. He also called the Grab driver to offer his apology:

Handwritten apology letter

And it seems like SRB has made good on his word to apologise, judging by one of his latest posts

SSST (redacted) & Team

I was the one involved with the Emerald Hill incident on the night of 15th April at about 2:30am. I have tried calling the NPC multiple times to get in touch with you but you and your team were off duty. I am writing this to offer my sincerest apologies to you and your team. I understand that you were just doing your jobs and I apologise for making things difficult. I know as patrol offficers your hours are long and unpleasant. I apologise to the entire team for being rude in my tone, self-entitled and etc. I also apologise for a Facebook post I made that night. I offered a “bounty” to get the contact details of one of your team members. On my end, it was a poor choice of word as what I wanted was his name and rank so I could file an official complaint. But I understand the connotations behind the word – kidnap, harm and abbetment. I broke those laws and also insulted a public servant which I understand is chargeable. Please understand that this apology is by no means meant as a leniency plea – if I am to be charged I will face the consequences. This is a genuine apology from me to your team.

If possible I would like to apologise in person – this is my contact number:

(added one more line – this is my email: xxxxx if possible I would like to personally apologise to all members in person)


Top image from EDMW

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